Tuesday, February 20, 2018

ATB Tech Updates #4

Tech News #4

  • Hyperloop one in India.
Maharashtra Government has made an agreement with the company Virgin Hyperloop one and soon hyperloop one will run in India; the route will be from Mumbai to Pune via Navi Mumbai INTL. The maximum speed of the train will be 1,000 Km/hr, technically its not a train, its a capsule that will travel in a vacuum tube and people can cover the distance between Mumbai and Pune in just 25 mins.
  • Intel Ice Lake Processors.
The Ice lake processors will be build on the 10 nm architecture and reports indicate that the GPU in these processors will be Two times more powerful. So it seems like the ice lake processors will be more advanced and we'll get powerful integrated GPUs....
  • Whatsapp's 'Delete for everyone' rendered ineffective if your message is quoted.
Last year Whatsapp rolled aout its 'Delete for everyone' feature to allow its users to delete messages in case the sent it to a wrong person or group users can only delete messages for everyone after 7 mins of sending. If a user sends a message and deletes it from a group or individual chat within seven minutes, the message will disappear. However, if within these 7 minutes, that message is quoted then the original message will successfully get deleted but the deleted text continues to show in the recipient's quote.
  • Nokia 10 Concept And Nokia 4 With Snapdragon 450.
Some renders of Nokia are out and we get to see a penta lens technology which is a rotary setup. We have a 16+16MP Primary dual camera and the 5 lenses have 5 different aperture levels. The phone has 10X optical zoom, Dual OIS & PDAF. You can use the different lenses as per the situation to click superb photos. However, this is just a concept but if Nokia really implements this in its new phone then all other flagships are going to suffer a downfall in their sale.

Another news realted to Nokia. Nokia 4 will be Launched in MWC and it will be powered by the snapdragon 450.

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