Friday, April 27, 2018

Aperture of a Camera Lens.... Explained !!

What is the aperture of a Camera Lens ????

Many of us don't know what does aperture mean and what aperture basically is. So, in today's post we'll be telling you about the Aperture of any camera lens. So lets just start without any further ado...

Whenever you see the camera specifications of any smartphone, you get to see a no. written in the form f/1.7 or f/2.0 or f/2.2, etc and you always think what this no. is and how does it affect the picture quality of the camera. So, these no. are the aperture of the lens present in your camera.

Now you'll be thinking what is aperture and how does this factor affect the image quality of my camera??? To answer this, we'll have to start from clicking a picture. So, what's the first thing that you need to click a picture from your camera?? Its light, without light you cannot click any picture. And further, to click a perfect picture, we need precisely controlled amount of light. And for this, you need to have control on two major factors - the 1st one is the shutter speed of the camera and the second factor is the aperture of the lens.If you are able to control both of them, then you can click the kind of picture you want.
Now, shutter speed is the amount of time for the the shutter of your camera of open; for eg - 1 Second shutter speed means that the camera waited for 1 second for the light to come in and then it closed the shutter and clicked the picture with the amount of light it got in 1 second. If we talk about a shutter speed of 40th part of a second or 80th part of a second or even 100th part of a second, here the shutter speed is very fast and the camera waits for a very less time for the light to come in and clicks the photo with the amount of light that it gathers in that part of second.
Talking about the second factor, i.e. aperture, the opening of the camera through which the light comes in is known as the aperture. The amount of light entering the lens depends directly on the aperture of your camera. So, if the opening is large, you'll get more amount of light and if the opening is small, you'll get less amount of light. But when you see the specification of a camera lens, then there you get to see f/1.8 or f/2.4 or any such value and you think which is better for you or what is the significance of these values. Here we'll not be talking about this value in detail because its very complicated, but in simple terms you can just keep in mind that the smaller value signifies a bigger diameter of the opening and the bigger value denotes that the opening is a smaller one.

Now what are the other ways in which the aperture affects the picture quality? So, another way in which aperture affects you image is by providing Bokeh effect or shadow depth of field. If a lens has a bigger aperture, it can precisely focus at a particular fixed point and if we click a photo in this situation then the background and foreground of the are completely blured and you get a very artistic photo of the object which is in focus.

One more thing is to be kept in mind. For eg - You are having a smartphone which has a camera with a f-stop of f/1.7 and I'm having a DSLR whose f-stop is f/2.8; here, you cannot say that the aperture of your camera is bigger and it will click photos better than a DSLR. Because the sensor size is completely different and the opening of the lens in a DSLR is very big as compared to a Smartphone camera. So, basically what I'm telling is that you cannot compare one camera with another camera on the basis of f-stop only.

Note that you cannot change the f-stop of you smartphone camera because its a constant value but if you a smartphone with a dual camera setup, then there you can change the f-stop artificially after clicking the photos. But when it comes to a DSLR or a point-&-shoot camera, there the aperture value is given in the form of range, for eg - f/2.0 to f/5.6. So, here you can fully control the size of the opening in order to get the right amount of light.

The post may be a little complicated and long but after reading this you'll get a basic Idea of what the Aperture of a camera is and how does it work.So, if the information was useful then subscribe to our blog for more such useful tech related knowledge and follow us on Google+ and Twitter.

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