Thursday, April 19, 2018

Whatsapp has added `Dismiss as Admin` feature and Beta version gets `High Priority Notifications`.

Whatsapp Adds 'Dismiss as Admin' feature to the public version and 'High Priority Notifications' feature in the Beta App.

Just a few days before Whatsapp came up with a new feature through which users can download their deleted media files and now Whatsapp has come up with yet another new feature. Whatsapp for Android has added a new feature in the beta update and a separate new feature in the public version of the app too.

In the latest Whatsapp Beta version, Whatsapp has added 'High priority notification' feature which will allow users to manage push notifications in a better manner. When you enable this new feature, Incoming notifications can be pinned to the top of your Smartphones notification centre and this feature could be applied to private as well as group chats. Currently, the feature is available in Whatsapp's 2.18.117 Android version. You can access this feature by going to the notifications settings menu.

Now Talking about the 'Dismiss as Admin' feature, the feature is only aimed at Whatsapp groups as we don't have Admin in a private Chat. This new feature is now available in the public version and it enables group admins to demote other admins of the group. Earlier, a group admin had to remove other admins from the group to demote them. But, with the new feature, they can just be demoted to member without being removed from the group. You'll get to see this feature in the Group Info menu.

So, these were a couple of new features from whatsapp which we have came across recently. Update your app and enjoy the new features and if you are a beta tester, then you can also test the 'High Priority Notification' feature.
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