5 Android Apps you must try in 2018.

Top 5 Apps that you must try on your Android Smartphone. 

Today's post is going to be a bit different from our regular posts. Today we'll be telling you about some of the interesting and different Android Applications that are very useful and you must try them out. So lets just begin without wasting any time.

*I'll provide the links for all the applications so that you'll be able to find them easily*

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1. Cake Web Browser - You must be thinking why would someone use a different browser when you already have Google chrome on your device. That's true and I agree to that but this Cake Browser is different from a regular browser. What it does is that, whenever you search for anything on this browser, it opens every relevant website and you can just swipe to read all the different opinions on the word or topic that you searched for.
It takes a bit time to load all the stuff in the beginning but as soon as it is done, you can just swipe and read it all smoothly without going back and clicking on different websites every single time. So do try it out and tell us whether you found it useful or not.
To Checkout the Cake Browser - Click Here

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2. Storyboard - This is an Application by Google itself. This is a fun application from google which converts any video on your device into a comic book like story. The application lets you load up any video and it takes some it in loading and once its done, your video gets converted into a comic book which you can just constantly pull down to refresh and it'll just change the layout and the filters of each of the frames and provide a whole new look to your story. 
The Application does a very good job and if you are a kind of person who likes to edit photos and videos, then you must try out this application.
Check it out - Here

Cover art3. PIN Genie Locker - This is a lock screen application with which you can increase your level of security and it also some really good customization options. Many people like a customized lock screen instead of the stock lock screen that they get with their Smartphone.
PIN Genie has a lot of customization options - you can change the layout of the numbers when you are entering your PIN or you can also set it as you have to answer a series of questions to access your Smartphone. Cool! Right? 
This application also has some other features like it can take photos of someone who unsuccessfully tries to unlock your phone a few times and then email them too. You also get the option to customize which applications you want to open directly from your lock screen. You can also download different themes which will change the complete layout of your lock screen.
So, it has got a whole lot of features and you must try this application if you want to increase the level of security on your Smartphone. 
Checkout this Application - Here

Cover art4. Lawnchair Launcher - This is a launcher for those who love the stock Android launchers. The launcher weighs only 2.7 MB which means that it will not slow down your phone, and you can customize a ton of things like the icon shape, the dock, desktop, theme and what not. 
Many of the brands nowadays use their custom UIs which most of us don't like. So this launcher is the solution for you if you are a fan of Stock Android. Just try this launcher once and trust me, you'll not regret. 
Try it out - Here 

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5. System Panel 2 - If you want to know about all the ongoing processes on your device and visually see them, then you can try the System Panel 2 application. It gives you a live data of your processor, your WiFi network, Cellular data, battery stats, the temperature of some of your phones hardware components and more. 
The history page of the application gives the data of your past activities, so you can see what was going on at a specific time, what apps and services were using the battery most and more. The apps section lets you manage the apps on your device and the device section tells you everything that you need to know about your phone. 
Checkout the System Panel 2 - Click Here  

These were some of the useful applications that will make your phone more productive and you'll love all these applications. All the Apps are free and are available on the Google Play Store.

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